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About our business thoughts...We are an Industry Revolution

Our goal is to put a smile on every customer's face - by being professional, honest, we treat everyone equally and we hope to save you some money on the installation portion of your purchase. By doing this, I hope when it's your time to help someone out, you pay it forward. Just a smile, regardless of how you do it. This may sound a little "movie-ish" but it works. We can save you up to 50% over retail, not to mention coming out to your home, work, moorage or storage to do the work! We will even help you shop for the parts online to save you even more money!
Why Shasta 12 Volt?

I have a 17 + year background in 12 volt audio and electronics. I have worked for some major companies in the Northwest and left for various reasons, mainly the money aspect behind it. There is making money, then there is "making money". We all have to make a living, that's part of life, over charging should not be part of business.


It all started with a VW Bug when I was 14, rewired it from a book and fell in love. Started my career in 1997, I have enjoyed it ever since. I started a business years back working out of the trunk of my car after I left a big company, grew to a store and a 4 van mobile business and lost it all years later due to a vehicle accident. I am ready to start again.

What does S12V do?

We are mobile, we come to you! We work on a variety of vehicles: cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles (semi, box trucks, etc), campers, RV's, boats (ski, tow, pontoons, yachts, wooden, fiberglass) and more. Use S12V with confidence - see our Facebook page, GOOGLE+ page for reviews of our great customer service as well installation excellence. S12V's installation (labor) is guaranteed for as long as the component is in the vehicle and not tampered with by anyone else.

What are your needs?

Installation services we offer: audio, video, alarms, remote start, bluetooth, hands free, GPS, keyless entry, HID systems, LED / Neon lighting, strobe kits, aftermarket fog lights/lighting, subs, amps, speakers, batteries, crossovers, custom, boxes, fiberglass, sound bars, ground up restoration of wiring, new project wiring, XM / Sirius Radio, fish finders, radar systems, gauges, OEM replacements, trouble shooting, power locks, power windows and a much more.


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Installation Portfolio - Select a Catagory

Here, you will find examples of our work, Cars to RV's & Motorcycles to Semi trucks.

Below are catogories of different installation pictures. If you would like to see your vehicle in this portfolio - just tell us - we need more unique photos!

Our Services

We offer a variety of services for marine applications, commercial vehicles, RVs, cars, trucks, vans, etc. From a basic stereo install to a full custom audio system. Read below for more details.
car stereo navigation in dash video icon CD players, In-Dash Video, Navigation

We install all kinds of head units, from the basic CD player to high-end navigation & Bluetooth audio integration.

Class A/B 4 channel, 6 channel & Mono block amps

Need a cleaner, louder system? Add an amp to your factory system or an elaborate aftermarket set-up.

speakers subwoofer tweeter icon Speakers - tweeters, mid-range and subwoofers

Sound getting muffled - no depth? Probably time to change those paper cone factory speakers ot. We install them all.

HID kits, LED underlight/in vehicle lighting, fog lights, strobe kits/bars

HID kits bring the road to life, undercar kits bring the audience to you and strobe kits demand attention. Let us know what you need done.

remote start alarm keyless entry icon Keyless entry, Remote vehicle starter, Alarm systems

Its hot, its cold - only before you start it from the house. Get that A/C or heater running! All kinds of alarm and keyless sytems done as well.

What kind of 12 volt accessory do you need installed?

Send us an email on our contact page, let us know what you have and lets see if we cant get it done for you!

questions custom installation customer service icon True customer service

You will get information on product and services from an installers stand point, not from a commisioned sales person "view". We will help you shop for products, advise on the best route to take and get the job done.

Custom Installation

If you have a custom job in mind, tell us. We would like to know. We are always up for a challenge - our custom labor prices might surprise you.

We now offer products through Amazon. We wanted to make it easier to help customers choose a product that fits their needs and recieve faster answers from the Shasta 12 Volt team.
Shasta 12 Volt

Are you a GENIUS?
Why YES, of course!

I am no hyper-intellect, but I do know how to be frugal with my money.
Shop on Amazon + S12V installs it = OMG, they have been ripping us off! Shop Amazon right here on our website - Safe and secure. Use the buttons below to contact us for a quoute or any questions you may have. We really are here to help you and make a POSITIVE impact in your pocket book.

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We hope to meet you soon! If we missed some information that you needed on this site, please tell us so we can make it a better experience.

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When requesting a quote, please include your vehicles MAKE, MODEL & YEAR please.

Also, list any aftermarket items like a stereo, alarm system or remote starter that is currently installed in the vehicle.
Please tell us what work you need done as well as what product you have (new or used) that needs installation
OR the product you need help finding. Talk soon!
We are ready to start your project - Join us in this industry changing revolution!

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